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Youth Leadership Opportunities


Youth Advisory Council

“The Youth Advisory Council is a platform and space for aged out-of-care youth to share their perspectives, insights, and suggestions related to the Independent Living Program and Foster Care. A lot of the discussions surround youth-voiced topics or interests. Dane County follows a 5 pillar model within YAC; health, education, housing, employment, finances, and community involvement. These pillars were decided by local YAC members and the purpose is to bring resources and knowledge from these categories to YAC.”
-Pricilla Reyes, YAC Facilitator


If you...

  • feel called to leadership
  • are passionate about change and advocacy
  • have a desire to learn about resources within your community
  • want to meet other independent living youth

...consider joining the Youth Advisory Council!


YAC meets once a month on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 pm. If you are interested in joining or learning more, please email Pricilla Reyes at


State Youth Advisory Council

An opportunity for YAC members...

  • to move up to a State YAC position
  • to meet directly with the Department of Children and Families and other State YAC members within Wisconsin
  • to directly help with policy change for youth in foster care
  • to advocate for changes within current policies, procedures, and regulations
  • to meet and/or write letters to legislators

You must attend at least 2 local YAC meetings before qualifying for the State YAC.