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Recovery Dane

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A Resource Center for People with Mental Health Needs and Their Family, Friends, and Allies

Recovery Dane is a centralized portal for information and assistance with available resources for mental health needs in Dane County, Wisconsin. Recovery Dane Resource Center offers prompt access to information, referrals, education, training, networking, support, and other tools to support self-empowerment, wellness, self-advocacy, and recovery.

Recovery Dane also offers one-on-one meetings with program staff for more detailed and individualized information and referrals.

Recovery Dane Services

General Eligibility

  • Dane County Resident
  • Age 18 or older
  • No health insurance or ability to pay for services

Additional guidelines apply to select services. Persons with health insurance should contact their insurance provider directly for a list of accepted providers and any necessary referrals.



Most mental health services are provided on a sliding fee scale. Individuals with limited income and assets will pay little or no fee.


How to Apply

Service access is difficult as all of the programs are operating at capacity and have waiting lists of varying lengths of time.

For general information, please call Recovery Dane at (608) 237-1661. For mental health emergencies, please call the 24-hour emergency phone line at (608) 280-2600.

If the emergency is life-threatening, please call 9-1-1.