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Dane County Department of Human Services

HMO Advocates

If you or your customers on Medicaid (MA) run into service difficulties at the various HMOs in Dane County, this table lists the contact people.


HMO Name Medicaid Advocate Phone, Fax and Customer Service Mental Health & AODA Contact Numbers
Dean Health Plan

Babette Casey:
Phone: (608) 827-4221
Fax: (608) 836-9620

Customer Service:
(608) 828-1301

Mental Health
Tom Crabb:
(608) 252-8226

AODA – Gateway Recovery:
(608) 278-8200

GHC of South Central Wisconsin

Jodi Joyce:
(608) 661-7200 ext. 7523

Customer Service:
(608) 251-3356

Mental Health Intake:
(608) 257-9700

Richard Adelman/Jim Vandenbrandt

AODA – Gateway Recovery:
(608) 278-8200

Physicians Plus

Rebecca Wuetrich:
(608) 417-4612

Customer Service:
(608) 282-8900

JMHC Intake:
(608) 280-2700

Contact Lynn Brady or Sue Moran if problems

Unity Health Plans

Carola Peterson-Gaines:
Phone: (608) 821-4214
Fax: (608) 821-4207

Daphne Daniels:
(608) 821-4212

Customer Service:

MH/AODA – Intake Services through UW Health:
(608) 282-8960

MH services at JMHC:
(608) 280-2700

Lynn Brady/Sue Moran

HP/EDS State Health Care – Ombudsman

(800) 760-0001 or
(608) 221-4746
Hit 0 “ask”

Nirobe Adams:
(608) 204-6516

Katie Ploeser:
FFS Ombud
(608) 203-0175

Natalie Stone:
(608) 203-0105

Call for complaints, grievances, and advocacy.

Call Lucy Miller for assistance with exemption requests:
(608) 224-6525


For local enrollment issues, call Automated Health Systems 1 (800) 291-2002 press option 1 (twice). Wes Skaggs is a supervisor at extension 3122. The non-collect number is (414) 221-9300. Also, the HP/EDS HMO Ombuds can help with exemptions and have been more effective.

For medically related transportation, all transportation is done by MTM. People need to call 1 (866) 907-1493. If folks have transportation problems, please encourage them to file a complaint.


Center for Patient Partnerships (CPP)

The Center for Patient Partnerships (CPP) also provides advocacy in some commercial insurance and SSI cases, typically with a cancer diagnosis. They are at (608) 265-6267. ABC for Health is an excellent advocacy resource for children with special health care needs. They can be reached at (608) 261-6939. The Medicare D Hotline for prescription drug questions or problems with Medicare Drug Plans 1 (800) 926-4862. For uninsured with prescription drug needs, try; it is effective in many cases.