Children, Youth and Families

Dane County Youth Commission

Duties and Responsibilities

The Dane County Youth Commission was created in 1980 by the Dane County Board to work on behalf of the interests of young people in Dane County. The Commission consists of eleven members appointed by the County Executive to two-year terms including two County Board Supervisors, one representative of Madison Public Schools, one representative of a school district outside Madison, one representative of a youth-serving agency and six citizen members—two of whom must be under age 25.

The specific functions of the Youth Commission, as per County Ordinance 15.44, are:

  • To encourage and promote youth participation in decision-making which affects them;
  • To conduct youth needs assessments and surveys;
  • To work with agencies and community groups in establishing priorities for youth services;
  • To work with planning and funding agencies on allocation of funding of youth services;
  • To work with agencies to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of youth programs;
  • To submit reports and recommendations to the County Board and County Executive.