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Dane County switching to Wisconsin Relay 7-1-1

Effective February 1, 2013, Dane County will rely upon Wisconsin Relay (7-1-1) to communicate by telephone with to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled. Using a TTY, a Wisconsin Relay communication assistant (CA) voices everything to the hearing person that is typed on one side of the conversation, and types everything the voiced caller says for the other side of the conversation.

How to make/dial a 711 WI Relay Call:

  1. Dial 7-1-1.
  2. 7-1-1 will answer by saying: Wisconsin Relay CA# _____. Go Ahead.
  3. Tell the CA you want to make a Relay call & give the CA the phone number.
  4. The CA will dial the number.
  5. When call goes through, you will say your greeting and then say, Go ahead.
  6. Person you called will respond and then end with, Go ahead.
  7. Like a Walkie-Talkie call, you and the person you called will continue alternately talking and ending with Go ahead (to let the other person know it is time to respond).

Receiving a 7-1-1 WI relay call:

  1. Answer the phone as you normally would.
  2. A CA will announce that you are receiving a relay call by saying: Wisconsin Relay CA##1234. Are you familiar with relay?
  3. If you are familiar with relay, just say Yes and your conversation will begin; if you can't remember how to use the Relay just say No, and the CA will explain how it works.

Tips to Remember

  • When you are ready to end the call: then say something like that's all I have to say, go ahead; or the shorthand is to say: GA OR SK (SK = Stop Keying). This gives the other person a chance to say any last words before ending the conversation, or if they have more to say, to continue the conversation.
  • The CA will voice what that the caller is typing for you; when the CA says to you Go ahead, you should respond by talking to the caller as if the CA wasn't there. The CA is not a part of the conversation, so you do not need to use third party terms such as, Tell him… or Ask her…
  • Speak clearly and pause at times so the CA can easily type what you say.
  • The CA will type everything heard at your end, including background noises and voices.
  • WI Relay calls have no time limit [though any regular long distance fees may apply].
  • WI Relay calls are confidential and they are not recorded.
  • When making a Wisconsin Relay call, you may hear high pitch beeps or tones as the call is made. Don't hang up! Please stay on the line as this may just be part of making the call.