Strategic Plan

The five-year goals for the Dane County Department of Human Services form the foundation for the Department to improve outcomes to those it serves and strengthen the core competencies of the organization. The Department’s goals focus on four areas: improving the lives of the individuals it serves; improving the performance of its systems and its ability to publicly report on that performance; improving its financial health; and improving its organizational effectiveness and infrastructure.

Data and Trends

In preparation for the development of its - strategic plan, staff in the Planning and Evaluation Unit provided individual data presentations to management and supervisory staff in each of the Department’s program divisions and Badger Prairie Health Care Center. The data and trends presented included information on population, demographics, service capacity and service trends. Sharing this information more broadly in the planning process provided an opportunity for staff to share what they saw as key trends, opportunities and challenges in their respective areas. This information has also been shared with the Department’s oversight committees and the County Executive’s Office. Additionally, the Department’s management team reviewed and considered the observations shared about the Department and its strengths and weaknesses through focus groups with key stakeholder groups, including local elected officials, Department staff and contracted agencies.

The data review and stakeholder analysis formed a basis for the Department’s management team to assess where its greatest challenges and opportunities are for the coming five years. The strategic planning process is a process by which the leaders in the organization select and prioritize which challenges it will address and which opportunities it will pursue. The Department, as a strategic organization, has embraced this priority setting process to help determine how it will focus its resources in order to maintain the strength of its mission and pursue its vision.

- Strategic Plan