Developmental Disabilities


Birth to 3 Program

Birth to 3 is Wisconsin’s early intervention program for infants and toddlers who have developmental delays and disabilities and their families. Programs in Dane County support parents as they work toward the developmental outcomes the parents want for their child.

If the child is found eligible for the Birth to 3 Program in Wisconsin, and with parental permission, the parent and our staff will create a plan to help the parent help their child grow and learn with program support and services as needed.

Birth to 3 staff use a primary service provider model, in which a key professional on the Birth to 3 team is responsible for providing information, support and services to help parents learn strategies to assist their children with their development.

Program staff includes:

  • Early childhood special educators who are developmental specialists;
  • Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapists who provide early intervention services;
  • Service coordinators who assist families throughout Birth to 3 program processes, in locating other resources, and during transitions;
  • The programs also arrange for the provision of other services as needed including assistive technology, infant mental health, nutrition, and vision.

Support is provided during daily routines, in familiar settings and with familiar toys and objects in those settings. Birth to 3 staff focus on the interrelated nature of all areas of a child’s development. Visits are designed for work in the family home, community and activities, and visits don’t look like those at a clinic or in a classroom. This approach recognizes that family members and care providers are the primary influences for nurturing growth, development and learning in young children. The program approach provides caregivers with the formal and informal supports to enable them to promote their child’s participation in family and community life.