Crisis Billing

Dane County Department of Human Services, in collaboration with Journey Mental Health Center's Emergency Services Unit, is responsible for the county's DHS 34 certified Emergency Mental Health Service Program. This program is designed to prevent or improve a mental health crisis and/or reduce acute symptoms of mental illness.

While Journey Mental Health Center Emergency Services Unit continues to provide our community with the direct crisis services and clinical oversight of all crisis stabilization activities, Dane County Department of Human Services manages Medicaid billing for contracted crisis stabilization providers.

In Dane County, crisis stabilization services are offered through enhanced case management, hospital diversion facilities, and residential placement. Qualified staff working in approved crisis programs provide services to our community to clients who are dealing with a mental health crisis.

Providers and community members should continue to contact Journey Mental Health Emergency Services's 24/7 crisis hotline at (608) 280-2660  for all crisis situations.

Crisis Billing Questions:

  • Questions related to system use, logon issues, submission issues should go to: .
  • Program related questions about eligibility, allowable services, authorizations, etc. should go to our general mailbox: .
  • Questions about your contract should be directed to your Dane County Department of Human Services contract manager.