Children, Youth and Families

Youth Resource Center Initiative

Youth Resource Center (YRC) is a cost-effective, easily accessible space for middle school students, where extended learning and social activities take place in a setting supervised by trained youth workers and caring volunteers. Youth Centers provide positive after-school activities that support the development of essential social and life skills including:

  • Homework clubs and educational tutoring
  • Special interest clubs
  • Volunteering & community service projects
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Recreation/Sports
  • Mini-courses to teach technical skills
  • Job skill training and career exploration
  • Mentoring programs
  • Opportunities for youth civic engagement
  • Discussion groups on the challenges facing middle school youth

Youth Resource Centers are located throughout Dane County. YRCs offer programming during after school hours when parental supervision or support may not be available. Annually, each Center engages youth in 100 hours of community service, 50 hours of leadership opportunities and 100 hours of structured asset development programming.