Strategic Plan

The five-year goals for the Dane County Department of Human Services form the foundation for the Department to improve outcomes to those it serves and strengthen the core competencies of the organization. The Department’s goals focus on four areas: improving the lives of the individuals it serves; improving the performance of its systems and its ability to publicly report on that performance; improving its financial health; and improving its organizational effectiveness and infrastructure.

Attract, retain, develop and effectively utilize a diverse workforce.

Work Plan – Administration

Initiative Area
Fully staff Human Services IT team.
Current Status
Three positions are currently vacant. All three are in the recruitment process.
Chosen Target
Fill all vacancies and retain good staff.
Tactics to Close the Gap
  • Post positions.
  • Interview and hire candidates to fill vacancies.
  • Evaluate what is needed to keep staff.
  • In the event of hiring delays or departures, hire LTE staff to meet needs.
Measures of Success
Staff present for work for currently vacant positions.
Lead Staff Responsible
Kari Clemens, by

Work Plan – Badger Prairie Health Care Center

Initiative Area
Expand opportunities for staff to obtain training in their field.
Current Status
Staff training is not adequate in quality or quantity with regard to the high acuity level of this patient population.
Chosen Target
  • Improve the quality of staff training.
  • Increase the quantity and variety of staff training.
Tactics to Close the Gap
  • Bring in outside professional training services to educate staff quarterly.
  • Publish the monthly newsletter.
  • Work with staff to keep up-to-date with Relias computer training.
  • Maximize staff attendance at quarterly all-staff meetings.
  • Revise the current mandatory training requirements and policy and convey to staff.
  • Implement mandatory behavioral management training for all caregivers who are core staff on secure units.
Measures of Success
  • Achieve compliance with State training requirements.
  • Achieve annual survey results with number of F tag violations at or below industry average.
Lead Staff Responsible
Bill Brotzman/Dee Heller/Laura Ferguson

Work Plan – Children, Youth and Family

Initiative Area
Diversify CYF workforce; support staff development.
Current Status
  • The CYF staff is diverse but the diversity reflects that of the community and not that of consumers.
  • Staff with non-English language capacities do not always meet the need.
  • Staff development impacts professionalism, upward movement, and retention. CYF does well in these areas, but attention is necessary nonetheless.
  • Training monies are limited. State-mandated training demands increase each year.
Chosen Target
  • Increased numbers of candidates of color in hire processes.
  • Increased numbers of hires of persons of color.
  • Increased number of hires with non-English language capabilities.
  • Improved system of fully-sufficient and real-time language assistance services.
  • Increased retention of staff of color.
  • Movement of staff of color to management / other positions.
  • Enhanced staff cultural competence.
  • Expanded staff training opportunities.
Tactics to Close the Gap
  • Seek out likely candidates of color, encourage applications.
  • Hire well-qualified candidates of color in all instances.
  • Hire well-qualified candidates with language capabilities in all instances.
  • Explore/develop improved system of language assistance.
  • Support staff of color as to retention and movement.
  • Enhance staff cultural competence as demonstrated in improved outcomes for children and families of color.
  • Arrange and/or financially support staff training opportunities.
Measures of Success
  • Hires of candidates of color occur.
  • Hires of candidates with language capabilities occur.
  • Improved system of language assistance is investigated.
  • Staff of color remain in county positions and experience positive movement.
Lead Staff Responsible
Division Manager Bob Lee; Manager Nancy Ortegon-Johnson; all other managers –

Work Plan – Economic Assistance and Work Services

Initiative Area
Reduce turnover for EAWS/ESS staff.
Current Status
New service delivery models and increasing demands and expectations challenge ESS staff. Staff report feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Dane County had 15 ESS workers leave their positions in CY , a turnover rate of almost 18%.
Chosen Target
Turnover rate is less than 18% in .
Tactics to Close the Gap
  • Closely evaluate the reasons ESS staff leave EAWS.
  • Implement strategies that reduce stress for ESS staff.
  • Ensure adequate staff coverage for routine tasks.
  • Solicit staff input on an ongoing basis about how to continuously improve operations.
Measures of Success
  • Obtain meaningful feedback from staff about specific strategies that are actionable and implemented, thereby improving job satisfaction.
  • Reduce ESS turnover.
  • Begin work on a new annual performance evaluation system that reflects current operating realities and promotes employee development.
Lead Staff Responsible
Shawn Tessmann –