Strategic Plan

The five-year goals for the Dane County Department of Human Services form the foundation for the Department to improve outcomes to those it serves and strengthen the core competencies of the organization. The Department’s goals focus on four areas: improving the lives of the individuals it serves; improving the performance of its systems and its ability to publicly report on that performance; improving its financial health; and improving its organizational effectiveness and infrastructure.

2. Maintain successful regionalized services.

Work Plan – Economic Assistance and Work Services

Initiative Area
Continue to exceed State performance expectations for Income Maintenance (IM).
Current Status
The Capital Consortium is meeting the State standard of a 10 minute Average Speed of Answer (ASA) for Call Center performance. Our performance averages a 5-6 minute ASA.
Chosen Target
We aim to maintain our current performance even in light of the new FoodShare On-Demand model that will increase the length of time spent on FoodShare review calls.
Tactics to Close the Gap
Ensure our staff and service delivery model is reflective of best practices learned from other consortia who implemented FS On-Demand. Maintain our “one touch” approach.
Measures of Success
We continue to meet State standards even after we implement the new on-demand model.
Lead Staff Responsible
Tony Sis, Roxana Vega, Phoua Her, JoAnne Jaehnke –