Strategic Plan

The five-year goals for the Dane County Department of Human Services form the foundation for the Department to improve outcomes to those it serves and strengthen the core competencies of the organization. The Department’s goals focus on four areas: improving the lives of the individuals it serves; improving the performance of its systems and its ability to publicly report on that performance; improving its financial health; and improving its organizational effectiveness and infrastructure.

Strategic Planning

The - strategic planning documents are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may download a free copy of Acrobat from Adobe’s website.

Goal 1:
Collaborate with our partners to develop innovative measures and redirect resources for best results PDF format
Goal 2:
Assess quality and cost-effectiveness of services to assure they are meeting needs.
Goal 3:
Maximize sustainable public and private funding sources.
Goal 4:
Support the professional development and retention of committed and competent staff.
Goal 5:
Demonstrate cultural competence within our human services system to understand and meet the needs of the diverse populations.
Goal 6:
Work with our community partners to promote effective prevention and early intervention strategies for individuals and families.
Goal 7:
Effectively respond to changing mandates for federal and state programs.