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REPLAY (RE-directive Pro-social Learning Alternative for Youth) is a program developed for 7th & 8th grade males who are enrolled in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and under DCDHS supervision for delinquency concerns. It is a collaborative effort between MMSD and Dane County Department of Human Services (DCDHS). The program is housed at the Neighborhood Intervention Program (NIP).

The purpose of the REPLAY program is to work with youth who are on County supervision and have had problems within the traditional school setting. The goal of REPLAY is to give each youth the skills necessary to successfully transition into a more formal school setting.

General Eligibility

The target population is 7th and 8th grade boys who are from the Madison Metropolitan School District and who are under delinquency supervision. Students must reside in Madison and be registered in an MMSD school. Both special education and regular education students are served. Special education students must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting to change their placement to REPLAY.

How to Apply

Referrals are initiated by the assigned Dane County Department of Human Services Social Worker or the school. Eligible students are served on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to those with the greatest risk of residential placement.


REPLAY has a staff of three. MMSD provides one full-time special education teacher to provide academic instruction. There is also a DCDHS social worker and a DCDHS program leader who are available to work with youth on behavioral issues and assist with instruction.

Each youth enrolled in REPLAY has an individual case plan as well as a behavioral plan. Educational testing is done as each youth enters the program to determine current educational strengths and weaknesses. Contacts are made with the home school to obtain specific information regarding each youth, and current M-Teams and IEPs are included in REPLAY’s educational and behavioral plans.

The REPLAY curriculum is designed to teach students subjects they would learn in their home schools. English, writing, math, social studies and science are taught on a daily basis. Students will also have time to participate in recreational activities.

Group discussions are held four times per week and will focus on topics such as anger management, thought power, decision-making and social skills. Once a week youth have the opportunity to participate in an off-site community gift activity or field trip.


There is a $25.00 per month fee for all youth placed under Human Services supervision. This fee is waived if the juvenile is placed outside the parental home. In these instances, however, a monthly fee is charged for the placement. Parents are sent information by Dane County fiscal representatives which help determine the amount of the fee.

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