Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)


Survey Results

Annual member satisfaction survey results

This report summarizes results from surveys assessing participant satisfaction and progress towards desired outcomes.

Member satisfaction with intake process survey results

These survey results measure participant satisfaction with the Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) intake process.

Service provider attitudes and beliefs survey results

This report assesses whether attitudes and behaviors among CCS service providers reflect the values and philosophy of the CCS program.

Data Analysis

Demographic Breakdown of CCS participants

This analysis compares the demographic characteristics of CCS participants to the Medical Assistance (MA)-eligible population in Dane County to determine if groups are adequately represented.

Geographical representation of CCS participants

This analysis examines whether the geographical distribution of CCS participants in Dane County is representative of the Medical Assistance (MA)-eligible population.

Outcomes for individuals who enter CCS while homeless

These analyses explore whether enrollment in Dane County's Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program is associated with improved housing or employment outcomes for individuals who are homeless or housing-insecure at the time of CCS enrollment.