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Aging and Disability Resource Center

Governing Board


To advise the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County as it fulfills its mission to support seniors, adults with disabilities, their families and caregivers by providing useful information, assistance and education on community services and long-term care options and by serving as the single entry point for publicly funded long-term care services while at all times respecting the rights, dignity and preference of the individual.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determine the structure, policies and procedures of the ADRC within the State guidelines and local governance.
  • Advocate with local, state and federal officials on policy issues germane to the welfare of the ADRC and its target populations.
  • Ensure that the ADRC has a viable plan for implementation and operation of services and programs and oversee that implementation.
  • Identify unmet needs and develop strategies to address them.
  • Ensure input from consumers, service providers and local constituents in the policies, practices and goals of the ADRC.
  • Review and recommend an annual budget to the County Executive.
  • Ensure that the terms of the State ADRC contract are fulfilled.
  • Represent the interest of all target groups served by the ADRC.
  • Conduct periodic evaluation of all ADRC activities (including Board activities) to ensure long-term effectiveness.
  • In concert with staff, develop annual goals to ensure programs are fulfilling the ADRC's mission.
  • Review the number and type of complaints, appeals and grievances received concerning ADRC operations and make recommendations as appropriate.
  • Other duties as identified to maximize the effectiveness of the ADRC.


Membership Updated 12/10/2014
Name Seat Representing Term Ends Email
Tom Frazier Chair Older Adults 09/01/17 tomfrazier21@gmail.com
Barbara Katz Vice Chair DD 09/01/16 bjflash@charter.net
Barbara Nichols Secretary At Large 09/01/16 nichols.barbara1938@att.net
Elaine DeSmidt Member At Large 09/01/15  
Carousel Bayrd Member County Board 09/01/17 bayrd@countyofdane.com
Mary Pike Member Older Adults 09/01/15 pmcpke@aol.com
Sally Jo Spaeni Member At Large 09/01/17 sspaeni@cityofmadison.com
Tom Stoebig Member Older Adults 09/01/16 tstoebig@charter.net
Barbara Vedder Member PD 09/01/15 bvedder@charter.net
Yolanda Woodard Member At Large 09/01/16 yowoodard1@aol.com
Paul Yochum Member DD 09/01/17 arcdane@chorus.net

Meeting Times

The ADRC Governing Board usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m.. Most meetings will be held at the ADRC, 2865 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison, but some meetings will be held at other locations. Meetings are open to the public. To confirm meeting time and location, check the web page for Agendas and Minutes or contact County Staff.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes can be found here: www.countyofdane.com/committees/agendas.aspx.

Contact the ADRC

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Contact County Staff regarding ADRC Governing Board

Jennifer Fischer, ADRC Manager
Fran Genter, Adult Community Services Manager