Children, Youth and Families

Children Come First Commission

Duties and Responsibilities

This commission supervises the CCF program's implementation within approved state and county budgetary and policy frameworks and develops recommendations to the human services director, the county board, and the county executive for the future of the program. The commission also approves the mission statement for the human services department's provision of services to children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED). The commission will also:

  • Act as a consortium to continue to pursue a broader partnership for the program including, but not limited to, pursuing added funding.
  • Assess how the program relates to other service programs operating at the county or local level and take steps to work with other programs to avoid duplication of activities.
  • Review and approve policies and procedure relative to the children and families to be served, processes for enrollment and disenrollment, and provision of services.
  • Review and approve policies and procedures and make recommendations to the human services director related to the provision of clinical expertise necessary for the program.
  • Ensure that sufficient data is collected to effectively evaluate the program's compliance with desired outcomes.
  • Regularly report to the community on the CCF program performance and plans.

Meeting Times

For a complete listing of minutes and agendas, visit our minutes and agendas page.

The commission meets three to four times yearly. Meetings are scheduled at the beginning of each calendar year.


The following reports are available in Adobe PDF format.


Members of the Children Come First Commission
Name Seat
Paul Simenstad Chair
John Bauman Member
Eve Dennison Pollock Member
Mike Dyer Member
Sheri Gatts Member
Lynn Green Member
Steve Hartley Member
Marcus Murphy Member